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Swedish producers, don’t miss out on this great opportunity! We will be available at all major online digital music stores such as Beatport, Audio Jelly, Trackitdown, Juno Downloads, iTunes and many more… Besides digital downloads we will also release chosen albums and compilations as physical releases, exclusively in limited editions on our own upcoming shop on this site.

We are besides offering our services in collaborations with a mixing and mastering service thru some of our most experienced producers, in addition also offering writing lyrics with, if required composed melodies to fully recorded vocals for your tracks. FSOS Records™ offers both male and female songwriters and vocalists.

If you are a Swedish producer and want to work with Sweden’s NO.1 upcoming and soon leading EDM label, you should take the chance and join the association!

Remixing for our label

For a remix or collaboration request send us your email with what you have in mind, add a short bio, earlier references and other info that you feel is of interest to us. We’r always looking for unique talents such as singers, songwriters, producers and even instrumental musicians. Once we have received your request, we will get back to you shortly.

Join our promo pool

How can you get on the list? Well either you can be one to receive a personal invitation by request via E-mail, sociables or trough your mgmt or you can apply yourself. When applying we’ll do a background check on scene relations and so forth to see if you fit to be in the promolist. More details are available in our sign-up form.

PLEASE NOTE: All digital music sent by/received from FSOS Records Promolist remains the property of the copyright owner. Any file sharing or copying is illegal and a breach of the terms of our service. If we become aware of any such breach of copyright we reserve the right to notify the relevant owner and cancel their subscription, as we offer our products for mutual beneficial promotion and exposer, of brand, of artists and of current sounds we hope that a mutual respect can be applied. If you are interested to join our promolist you can follow this link and apply here, but be specific and clear to simplify our work to confirm your subscription.