Daniel & Seven hit it in 2008 through the music. A year later they actively started producing music together, under the aliases such as “Antidote”, “Antidote & Sevannah” & the current and most giving “Daniel B & Seven”.

“It all started with a small and simple studio in our home. But as we developed, we grew together and searched for the unique sound to represent us and during this stage we also got far more productive. There were many setbacks for both of us during the time together sais Daniel & Seven, but we never stopped to create or to believe in our music but more importantly each other, the one and others creative side, each others ideas, vision and goals. Although we had some huge setbacks during our time with relocation and jobs to name a few, there was no break from the music. The studio was upgraded significantly and Daniel & Seven went in for a new sound, something between Rogers Shah’s balearic and Aly & Fila’s melodic bangin’ trance. When we finished the track “Altai” and launched it on soundcloud we got amazing feedback and by this we can say that the music really took of in late 2011. Daniel sais that it’s thanks to Seven that “Altai” came into being. Even though we have had several great tunes as work-in-progress I will never forget the day when Seven went – Lets make a faster song, trust me, it will be perfect. And so we did and ever since then it’s melodic 138 bpm productions that is our common signum and brand.”

Some of their tracks have been featured in online commercials and internet radio broadcasts and soon they will have several releases out on FSOS Records™